146, Leninskiy av., Moscow
Reservation department: +7 (495) 438-82-92
For calls within Russia: 8-800-555-14-10
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    Group booking

    Group booking

    If you are planning a vacation or business trip in large companies, be sure to stay at the Astrus Hotel, we have special prices.

    Special offer "Group booking" is valid for groups with a one-time booking of 10 people or more.

    Terms of action:

    ·        · For a one-time booking for groups of 10 people or more, a special offer for accommodation is provided.

    ·        · Offer cannot be combined with other special offers and discounts for regular guests

    ·         · From our side, we guarantee the provision of a full range of services at the hotel and prompt resolution of any emerging issues.

    You can book rooms by phone Tel .: (495) 438-30-83  or by e-mail of the sales and booking department: sales@astrus.ru

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