146, Leninskiy av., Moscow
Reservation department: (495) 434-94-67


Free Services

WiFi Internet
In any place of Hotel «Astrus» you can use high-speed free Wi-Fi Internet.
Кабельное телевидение
В номерах отеля доступны 22 телефизионных канала.
Ironing room
Irons and ironing boards are available on the 12 floor of the hotel
Operating mode: daily from 8.00 till 20.00

Paid Services

Hairdressing salon
On the first floor of the hotel you can visit a hairdressing salon.
You can leave your car on a parking lot of our hotel.
Taxi service
Phone: +7 (495) 438-63-00. Operating mode: daily, 24 h.
If it is necessary for you to wash or iron clothes, you can use services of our laundry, having filled the demand for a Reception, or call by internal phone.
Ремонт одежды
В отеле работает швейное ателье.
Камера хранения
На первом этаже нашего отеля вы можете воспользоваться камерой хранения. Время работы: 24 часа.
Airplane and Train tickets
You can buy Airplane and Train tickets on the first floor of the Hotel, to the left of a Reception.
«Elit Dent», Stomatology Care For adults&children
Drugstore located on the first floor of the Hotel, to the right of a Reception.
Салон оптики
Подобрать очки, проверить зрение в салоне опитики.
Сувенирный магазин
Расположен на первом этаже отеля.
Ювелирный магазин
Расположен на первом этаже отеля
Currency Exchange
Located on the 1st floor of the hotel. You can exchange dollars and Euro into Rubles or take cash from your credit card.
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