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In this part of the web-site we would like to address to our present and potential partners from travel agencies and tour operators.

In 2009, our hotel changed its name and status, has strengthened its position in the market. People for whom the service is not just a word have reached our team and this is how we treat the guest. In our relationship to the guest we put respect, care and understanding. The same rules we apply to relation with colleagues and partners..

We value our partnership with you, we strive to make our cooperation as a friendship, and as the key to strengthen the long-term relationships..
We are constantly developing new programs, rates and package deals, and we want you to be aware of everything, we are pleased that we ultimately offer you and your guests. Special rates are being released regularly, and, no doubt, will be interesting for you.

siteorder@astrus.ruand you will be included to the mail list

We wish you success and look forward to long-term and strong relationship..

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